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Pedestrian Cable Protector
Pedestrian Cable Cover
Walk Over Cable Cover

Pedestrian Cable Protector

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Product Summary
  • Two 25 x 25 mm cable channels
  • Plastic hinged lid for easy insertion of cables
  • The base is made from heavy duty moulded rubber
  • Comes in sections of 1000L x 250W x 45H mm
  • Not suitable for cars or any other vehicles
  • Colour - yellow/black
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Additional Information

What is the purpose of the pedestrian cable protector?

The pedestrian cable protector as been designed for external use around pedestrianised areas. The cable protector is designed to prevent people from tripping over loose cables, leads, wires and getting injured. The base is made from heavy duty rubber moulding and the hinged lid is made from plastic.

Where can this product be used?

This cable protector is suitable for any pedestrian areas. Festivals, parks, concerts, car boots, exhibitions and shows are the more popular places where these cable protectors would be used. However, they are unsuitable and likely to break if any vehicle drives over it.

Who might use this product?

Events organisers, schools, councils etc. may use this cable protector because it is not as bulky and as expensive as other cable protectors. If the only use for the cable protector is to be used around pedestrianised areas, then this solution is more suitable and better value for money than a cable protector which is suited for vehicles.

Specifications of the pedestrian cable protector

Two cable channels both 25 x 25 mm. The cable protector is supplied in 1000L x 250W x 45H mm sections. The base is made from rubber moulding and the hinged lid is made from plastic.